Tomatoes Pizza

Hungry after your dive? Receive 10% on pizza’s at Tomatoes Pizza on the Beach!

Curacao Diving Society Free for Members

Dive Society

All members can join the Curacao Diving Society free of charge on the Sunday Dive Events.

More coming soon

More to come

We are continuously searching for more deals. Follow our facebook page to stay up to date!

Dive Eastpoint

2 tank boat dive for Nafl 100.00 excl. air & weights. Contact Dive Charter Curacao for reservations.


Dive Equipment

Receive 15% discount on all Tusa, Waterproof and Suunto products at THE DIVESHOP on Curacao.

Rental Gear

Dive Rentals

Receive 20% on all rentals at THE DIVESHOP on Curacao. Save on rental equipment and air tanks.

Air Fills

Air Filling

Receive 20% discount on each air tank filling at THE DIVESHOP on Curacao. Open every day from 8am till 5pm.


Lionfish Jewelry

Receive 10% discount on lionfish jewelry. Visit the lionfish store in Otrobanda below The Gouverneur.


PADI Training

Receive up to 40% off on PADI courses. Follow us on facebook to sign up for the upcoming programs.

Membership Policies

  1. Membership fee 3 months is Nafl 60.00

  2. Membership fee for 6 months is Nafl 105.00

  3. Membership fee for 12 months is Nafl 195.00

  4. You can’t use the membership specials in combination with other discounts that are not advertised on this page.

  5. The membership is only valid for the member that is on the e-Card. You can’t use the specials / discounts to benefit other divers / people.

  6. Verify your membership special / discount (with the related business) before purchasing anything.

  7. When the membership is expired, you pay the normal local prices until you have renewed your membership.

  8. You should be able to show your membership e-Card when taking advantage of the specials / discounts.

  9. There is no refund on a membership.

The Curacao Diving Society is affiliated with THE DIVESHOP (Dive-Inn Curacao NV)