PADI Divemaster Internship on Curacao

Thinking about your next step? It sometimes can be challenging to find the right location. So many options around the world and everyone offering very similar PADI Divemaster packages. Assisting you with this difficult situation, we would like to introduce you the all-inclusive PADI Divemaster Package and perhaps you are spending your next month on Curacao.

10 Reasons THE DIVESHOP could be that great

PADI Divemaster Internship for you!!!

1)      Easy & Fun Conditions! Our Divemaster Internship take 1 month and are usually scheduled from Monday to Friday. Assisting PADI Instructors with a large variety of courses and programs during the week and hang out on beautiful sandy beaches or go fun diving during the weekend.

2)      Including Accommodation! Right next to THE DIVESHOP you find your accommodation and it’s right on the beach! Together with other students, marine researchers and divers, it’s hard to find something so convenient in The Caribbean.

3)      All-Inclusive! Our packages are All-Inclusive your accommodation, PADI fees, PADI Divemaster Crew-Pack, unlimited air and gear rental for the duration of your stay. No surprises or sneaky invoices after your Internship. You pay 1 price and you have it all covered!

4)      Ocean & Coral Reef Aware! With the growing interest in our oceans and coral reefs, it’s in amazing advantage spending your month at one of Caribbean’s Largest Marine Research Stations. Really want to know more about your new office space…how about spending your off time with marine biologist from all over the world and maybe even join them on one of the research projects.

5)      Personal Mentor! Everyone has different learning styles and sometimes you just need that extra attention. Getting your personal mentor, that follows your internship from the beginning till the end, will make the difference.

6)      Real Experience! The real life experience is where you start to grow. The programs you are able to conduct all by yourself is one of the main points we focus on during your internship. During real dive programs with real divers, under the direct supervision of a PADI Instructor, you will slowly start taking the leading position. At the end of the Internship you did not only improve your dive skills and knowledge but having the real experience taking groups of divers out and managing all kinds of situations.

7)      1 Month Fun in the Sun! A Caribbean island for young, old, take it easy or you are having too much energy, on Curacao there are enough activities for everyone. Exploring the many beaches, endless dive sites, amazing nightlife, great restaurants, sailing, kiting, hiking and much more! It’s all here for you during your PADI DIvemaster Internship.

8)      Excellent Location! Being located outside the Hurricane Belt, we have Divemaster Internships all year round. Only a few hours from Miami, direct flights from Canada, South America and Europe, it’s perfectly centrally located for your Divemaster Internship and your travel options after.

9)      Extra Workshops! Not mandatory but highly beneficial for your experience we add programs that PADI hasn’t included in their program. Becoming a PADI Divemaster it’s interesting how regulators work, but actually taking them complete apart and put them back together is one of the many skills you’re happy to learn.

10)   Pro Counseling! Having the intentions to progress to the next level and becoming a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, you are at the right place. With a full time PADI Course Director on staff, you are absolutely sure you receiving all the information and best training that prepares you for any PADI IDC worldwide.

Divemaster Curacao
Divemaster Internship Curacao
Divemaster Internship Curacao
Divemaster Internship Curacao
Divemaster Internship Curacao
Divemaster Internship Curacao