New Air Filling Station

Great news and specials are coming your way! THE DIVESHOP, has many reasons to celebrate all their achievements and you are invited!

Since November 2018, THE DIVESHOP installed a brand new air filling station ready to serve all scuba divers coming to Curacao. A new installation and shiny new 12l - 80cu/ft scuba tanks but that is not all…

…THE DIVESHOP is NOW the only dive center on Curacao that has installed a continuous air monitoring system. What does it mean? Your scuba air will be checked digitally before it will end up in your tank. With this unique design in Curacao it will be impossible to get a tank of bad air!

So, you are ready to try it out? How about we give you for the entire year 2019 great unlimited air packages, so you can enjoy that fresh breath of air.

On the 1st of January we will launch our packages deals and you can go unlimited diving for as less as USD $ 21.00 per day! Check out our unlimited air packages for the information.

Keep checking us out, because there is way more coming up!